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Tuesday, February 9th
Board Nominations and a Sing-A-Long with Darlene
February is the month when we start planning for the new fiscal year by taking nominations for board positions in anticipation of the election in April
Also, Darlene has agreed to lead us in a sing-a-long after the nominations are complete

January '16:
Annual Wine Tasting
Thanks to our friends at Sidetrack for providing all that wonderful wine
Annual Chile Cookoff
1st Place - Gail Burke
2nd Place - Olivia Connors
3rd Place - Raquel Welsh
Kelly, from Kelly Inc, presented (along with her staff) the wide array of services now available at Kelly Inc., including the latest in laser hair removal.
Justin Mulaire from the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) had an informative presention on the changes that have occurred in the landscape of federal protections in the workplace, focusing on how the trans workforce is affected.
Dr. Fred Ettner presented a his experience in the changing approaches to trans hormone therapy. He gave what he currently recommends and does not recommend. His presentation was extremely well received.

--------MEETING LOCATION---------
Meetings are held at the Stardust Banquet Hall, 5688 N. Milwaukee, Chicago.
Doors open at 7pm. Meeting starts at 8pm.
Newcomers are encouraged and welcomed. Just ask for Audry.

Tuesday, Jan 26th
Peggy Kinnane's, 8 N. Vail Avenue, Arlington Heights, 7 to 10 pm, call 847-577-7733

HRC Her combines laughter, undeniably sexy performers and awe-inspiring creativity in the way only Chicago Vaudeville can. Her HRC events across the country showcase the diversity and vibrancy of the women within the LGBT community
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Jodie is a trusted friend of the community.
Your participation will benefit us all
Birth Certificate Problems in Illinois?
Cole Thaler at Lambda Legal advises us that the ACLU, one of Lambda Legalís ally organizations, is taking a fresh look at the Illinois Department of Public Healthís problematic policy for change of sex designation on birth certificates. They are asking for people who have been harmed by the policy to contact them. If interested, please contact Jodie Clagg at the ACLU via
P.O. Box 66595
Chicago, IL  60666-0595
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